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Our Efforts are intended to reduce critical incident stress reactions, enabling our colleagues to adapt to a new normal ​after a traumatic event.

What is Critical Incident Stress (CIS)?

Critical incidents are events that a person experiences which are outside the range of normal human experience that would be markedly distressing to anyone; they have the potential to interfere with one's ability to function at the time of the incident or later.
Critical Incident Stress is stress from any event powerful enough to overcome the normal coping mechanisms of persons exposed to the event.

Vancouver Fire Rescue Service's Information on dealing with Critical Incidents and Stress.

Education, intervention and follow up care

Timely, confidential group support

Timely, confidential, one on peer support

the CISM Team offers

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

The CISM Team responds to events that significantly impact emergency service personnel who have experienced a Critical Incident Stress.

We are a team of caring and compassionate members trained to help others through tough situations

Fire Fighter Critical Incident Stress

International Association of Fire Fighters Local 18   /   Vancouver Fire Rescue Services